Let’s make a pledge to ‘not suck’

It was something I never thought about earlier. A marvel devised in the 60's, straws are employed in virtually every restaurant. They're very important to the business? What's a milkshake without a white and red stripped sock? There's little thought put to the usage of those tubes that are plastic that are very long , and even less thought put into how they are disposed.

Research conducted by Eco Cycle, one of the biggest recyclers from the United States, reveals Americans on average use 500 million straws daily, and I'm certain a similar figure could employ to Canada. In pubs, the restaurant business, and the cinema, straws are passed out freely. Your drink has a straw -- it is only a reality.

More damage is caused by the plastic than we could imagine. When disposed, all these non-biodegradable items often makes their way to water. Straws can interrupt ecosystems in the environment, setting wildlife at risk, and often end up sitting around the city as squander. T…